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How much is the 3 cube concrete batch plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/20

     3 cube concrete batch plant refers to the HZS180 concrete batching plant, the main mixing host used by the JS3000 concrete mixer, each can discharge three square, so also known as 3 square batching plant, then how much is the 3 cube concrete batch plant

    In generally speaking, the cost of a set of 3 cube concrete batch plant is mainly related to different brands, production processes, and configuration. But on average, the price ranges from about 900000 -150 to 10000. If you want to equip two of the same production lines will need about 3 million, basically covers an area of 45 x 50 meters, customers to choose according to their own space. Generally can receive large-scale projects, the two three cubic mixing station, made into a set of 2HZS180 concrete batching plant more customers.

    We have so many questions about the price of 3 cube concrete batch plant, because we can only give you a general price range without knowing your specific needs. If you want to know the exact price, you can contact us directly(

    When choosing concrete batching plants, we should pay attention to the following points:

    1. Choose good mixing machine, the core equipment of large concrete mixing plant is concrete mixing machine, the performance of the main machine will affect the production of concrete and the use of equipment.

    2. consider buying equipment electronic components.

    3. Considering high quality after-sale services.In generally speaking, professional batching plant manufacturer will be more responsible for after-sale services, after all, concrete mixing plant equipment operating environment is more complex, may have some accidents, so timely and reliable after-sale services for the continuous production of concrete has an important role.