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The Quote And Application Of HZS180 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/16

     Aggregate stationary concrete batching plant uses a loader feeding, four large volume silos can store four different aggregate, electronic measurement scales. Equipped with a cement silo and an additive hopper, which is fed by four screw conveyor to the metering hopper, cement and additives electronic scales measuring cumulative manner. Water supply from the pump, electronic scales of measurement, the outlet should increase pressure pump, to ensure that the water quality. Corrosion additive pump supplied by electronic measurement scales. The station uses a JS3000Z twin-shaft compulsory mixer as a host, with good mixing quality, high efficiency, low noise and so on. Electrical use of advanced computer control, with automatic or manual operation function, complete ingredients, measuring, feeding, mixing, and discharging all the procedures process. Automatic compensation gap with a ratio of storage, with a mini-printer, can print each tank ratio. Management system can also be configured as needed.

    Batch concrete plant is supplied from the aggregate, consisting of metering, stirring and electric control parts, suitable for large-scale construction, water, electricity, roads, ports, bridges and other construction buildings and large concrete pre-products plant and commercial concrete production plant.
    Give full play to the advantages and working efficiency of the machine and prolong life, in use before the 50 m3/h mobile concrete batch plant operation and maintenance personnel should carefully read the instructions, and professional training.