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YHZS50 Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Price

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/13

     Qualification is the need to related application materials for concrete mixing station, only have these materials, the qualification to smooth the portable concrete mixing plant to deal with.

    1, according to their construction needs, choose a relatively type of concrete mixing station equipment.
    2, according to the number of materials to choose one day stirring.
    3, according to their existing device, select facilities, proper mobile ready mixed concrete batching plant .
    4, consider the overall performance of concrete mixing station equipment, select the appropriate cost performance.
    5. Construction enterprise qualification standards of the registration of the title certificate of professional and technical personnel and the endowment insurance certificate;
    6. Part of the qualification standard requires enterprises must have a special title certificate and professional and technical personnel of endowment insurance certificate;
    7. Construction enterprise qualification standards of enterprise equipment, plant, a corresponding certificate;
    8. Construction 25 m3/h mobile concrete batch plant enterprise safety production condition related materials;
    9. Meets with the requirements of other relevant materials.