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Instruction For Concrete Batching Plants Feeding Way

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/11

     HAOMEI machinery co., LTD. Of the concrete batching plants model to have a lot of main models for: HZS25/35/50/35/50/180/35/50, etc., these types of mixing station equipment can be referred to as large, medium and small mixing plant equipment, their feeding way is:

    First, the hopper feeding method:
    Hopper feeding method of mixing station has HZS25 mixing station, HZS35 mixing station, HZS50 mixing station, HZS75 mixing station, four concrete mixing plants belong Simple concrete mixing stations, such mixing station can be converted into a belt according to user needs Feeding.
    Second, belt feeding way:
    Adopts the belt feeding method have concrete mixing plant 60 m3/h , HZS90 mixing station, station HZS120 mixing station, HZS180 large concrete mixing station above website can use belt feeding way.
    Actually on start up concrete batch plant hopper and belt material is not entirely boundaries between, mainly according to user needs and user investment funds, to construction near the station working environment requirements, etc.