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What Is The Important Parts Of Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/09


    Concrete batching machione is mainly composed of batching machine, inclined belt conveyor, mixing console, mixing, the main control room, liquid admixtures weighing conveyor system, water delivery system and powder weighing conveyor system, etc.Therefore, when to buy concrete mixing station, first to confirm is that several important configuration.So these configuration specific have what effect does in the station.

    Mixer stirring their way into forced mixing and self-loading mixing. Compulsory mixer is home to the main station used concrete mixing, it can be stirred liquidity, semi-rigid and rigid and other dry concrete.
    Material weighing system is affecting the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, mainly divided into aggregate weighing, weighing powder and liquid weighing three parts
    Material Handling consists of three parts:
    Aggregate conveying: conveying mobile concrete mixing station has a hopper and belt conveyor transport in two ways. Advantages bucket elevator is a small footprint, simple structure. Advantages belt conveyor is conveying distance, high efficiency, low failure rate. Conveyor belt is mainly used to aggregate temporary storage of mixing station, thus increasing productivity mixing station.
    Powder transport: concrete available powder mainly cement, fly ash and slag. Powder conveying screw conveyor is used by general delivery, have adopted large mixing floor scraper pneumatic conveying and transport. Advantages of the screw conveyor is simple in structure, low cost, and reliable.
    Concrete mixing station control system is a complete set of equipment of central nervous system.According to different user requirements and the size of the mixing station control system and have different functions and preparation, generally available to the construction site of small simple ready-mixed concrete mixing station control system, and large mixing station system is relatively complicated.