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The Advantages Of HZS Series Concrete Batching Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/06

    Concrete mixing station is the concrete mixing equipment building industry mainstream, it mainly by mixing system, feeding system, storage system, measuring system and other auxiliary equipment, adopts computer operating system control.

    Commercial concrete mixing station equipment using advanced dual computer control system, a master control system is responsible, and the other is responsible for monitoring systems, high-performance hardware configuration to ensure stable and reliable control, with automatic and manual capabilities, more user-friendly operation. Data can be shared between the host computer and monitor machine, you can go to when a computer fails another control operation, ensure that the equipment to work properly run, it does not affect the production schedule. The device has a high automation, intelligent and user-friendly operating system, automatic fault diagnosis system of high accuracy, is the market's most advanced commercial concrete mixing station equipment.
    HZS reday mix concrete plant operational considerations:
    1. HZS concrete batching plant five basic operations 
    2. mixing station interlocking relationship between the movements of different parts Aggregate skip to the bearing frame. At the end of the feeding door will not open;Not far from concrete mixer, skip won't rise to the tilting position;Concrete mixer discharging mouth open, skip not tilting unloading;Its not tilting unloading, butterfly valves, electric valves will not open, butterfly valve open, cement screw conveyor will not work.All relationships. In manual and automatic operation bang will play a role, such as in an emergency, can use emergency button, interlocking relationship in each concrete mixing station models are different.
    3. Pull the shovel manipulation, pay attention to the recovery action should be performed before the return action.Bucket has touched the windrow don't continue to return actions or move his shovel.Avoid quick reversing and frequent Ning car.
    4. The concrete batching plants weighing devices often set-up.