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The Concrete Mixer Foundation Construction Guide

Writer:Admin   Time:15/11/03


    Some concrete mixer users might think that the foundations of the commercial concrete mixing plant is the deeper, the better, had the foundation according to the actual situation to do, must be in accordance with the manufacturer's request to ensure the safety of the foundation.Intrusive and depth should be in accordance with the drawings request, the strength of concrete is to achieve the request, root depth without request, just based on the elevation and the field of concrete mixing station ping.
    So questions about the details of the foundation should also pay attention to what it? First by 350 concrete mixer  technology request actinomycetes, find a good reference point, the size of the error between the two bottom is not greater than 50mm, when the foundation excavation, with steel or wooden peg reserved foundation centerline position, the same foundation of two embedded iron centerline orientation to the same line, deviation of not more than 20mm; mixing station need to lay the foundation in steel mesh, eventually mixing station foundation level is necessary to use a level and ultra-flat instrument checks.
    The foundation for more concrete mixer with pump construction questions You can call us to the manufacturers, we will for you to make a detailed counseling.