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Concrete Batch Plant Specified Safety Devices

Writer:Admin   Time:15/10/27

     Whether large or starting a concrete batching plant  project, the installation and use of the process should be consistent with the provisions of the safety device mixing station equipment.

    1. hopper, the lower limit and the ministries should be sensitive and reliable operation of the limit switch;
    2. hopper rope shall comply with the relevant requirements;
    3. The protective cover and safety facilities should be complete, intact, and reliable;
    The concrete batching plant supplier  (House) shall be provided with lightning protection devices; PE wire for lightning protection and grounding of the connected devices should be repeated at the same time as the ground, the grounding resistance should be greater than 10 ohms;
    5. mixing station (House) should be configured to apply the fire-fighting equipment;
    6. leakage protection parameters should match the concrete batch plant , the installation should correct action should be sensitive and reliable.