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The Safety Area Of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/10/26

     Concrete mixing station in normal use is very safe, but also should pay attention to some details in use.

    Mixing station production process is very safe, but because of some man-made causes of the accident is inevitable, how can we prevent accidents? We must first understand the mini concrete batching plant which areas belong to the danger zone would have caused injury, equipment operation and maintenance time to pay more attention.
    Do not enter the operating range of the bucket elevator or inclined belt conveyor, otherwise there is danger of mechanical injury to the sport! Do not enter the operating range of batching station there is a danger levels were involved in the belt! Do not enter the scope of work under the discharge hopper there is a danger of falling concrete mixer vehicle back and forth will be the risk of accidents! Hand directly inserted into the screw conveyor is prohibited inside otherwise it will be the risk of injury caused by the death of the spiral blade maimed! ! When entering the mixing tube internal cleaning mixer, not wind up, locked, press all the emergency stop switch will be a stirring blade until the danger of causing death crushed! ! The above is a dangerous area belong to belt type concrete batching plant  work, I believe that is not illegal as long as the operating properly can prevent accidents.