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The Use Of The Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/29

     Reasonable safety switch station can not only breaks the accident, but also can ensure the service life of belt type concrete batching plant .So webmaster want to station planning perfect operator safety switch station work processes to ensure production run smoothly.

    Concrete mixing station boot sequence
    First electrical cabinets inside the control switches are open, including the host, cement silo, pumps, batching warehouse, flat belts, inclined belt, and discharge switches. Then the host computer is turned on. After opening the first detection of mechanical exercise capacity, inclined belt running first, and then run the host, and finally running flat belt. So can guarantee the residual material inside can run out. Maintain the mechanical integrity of the operation of. If, in the case of normal functioning, you can open the pumps, batching machine, and so began to work the machinery. If some devices in the boot order is wrong, but also that there is no normal start-up, for a long time will cause damage to the equipment, this situation is to resolutely put an end to.
    Portable concrete mixing plant equipment shutdown sequence
    Ingredients (including aggregates, cement) shut off the water supply, feeding off (no deposit belt material) for the main organ (concrete mixers tank no deposit material) Discharge Conveyor OFF (belt no deposit material) storage bin door closed Pneumatic authorities closed stirred tank cleaning valve switch off the main power.