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Portable Weighing System Of Mobile Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/29

     Weighing system in the vast majority of the requirements of the mobile batching plant is also high, specific requirements are the following: type to complete, according to the types of primary value is complete;The transformation to easy to adapt to different ratio of capacity and a variety of requirements;Want to must be solid and reliable, stable performance, simple structure, easy to operate.

    First, requiring corrosion resistance. Because the concrete mixing station in harsh environments, temperature and humidity vary greatly, there must be resistance. Hybrid concrete production process will produce dust, because of the need cement, coal ash and the amount of additives in the production process, these items will produce dust in the production process. In a production process, it will be attached to some of the load cell surface dust. Because the production process of temperature and humidity are large, in the role of dust and moisture, it will corrode the sensor. Therefore, damage powder scale sensors would be more frequent.
    Second, for the construction of special design. The use of the weighing system also depends on the personal qualities of staff. Portable concrete mixing plant is usually installed at the construction site, the construction site has a lot of temporary workers, many of them temporary low levels of literacy, skill is not high. During maintenance and washing machine, probably damaged by improper operation of the sensor. Therefore, the sensor to be specially designed to prevent misuse.
    Third, concrete mixing plant requires a lot of space, which is the required temperature and humidity ranges. Concrete mixing plant working environment is more complex, harsh operating conditions, which is not the same as an ordinary electronic scales, electronic scales and stable work environment common measure of trade, concrete mixer truck stress load sensor has great randomness. Concrete mixing station under normal circumstances is outdoor installation, temperature and humidity sensors are in an unstable state, often the wind and sun. Water is essential to the production process of concrete. In the water delivery process will create a more humid environment. In the temperature-controlled mixing building, there are low temperature conditions and high temperature conditions of the points. At low temperature conditions, the summer hot weather running process will be carried out in subzero cold and ice stirring, this time humidity will be enormous.