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The Record Of Concrete Boom Pump On The Height

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/27

     In Chinese companies, in fact, before the boom pump height "record", the concrete pump truck boom height has been by the German company Portsmouth meister.In the late 1960 s, Portsmouth meister launched 16 meters boom pump truck;In 1986, its research and development of 62 meters of the world's longest boom pump truck was born., the germans with nearly 20 years of time, will boom height increase nearly 40 meters.And record the refresh again, for this time waiting for 20 years has become China's enterprises.

    In 2007, Sany pioneered in the industry 66 m concrete boom pump, Putzmeister leapfrogged to become the world's longest boom pump manufacturer. Year, Trinity 66 m boom pump also won the world's longest boom pump of the Guinness Book of World Records. It is worth mentioning that this is the first Guinness Book of Records China's construction machinery industry. At that time, the field of concrete pump widespread phrase: concrete pump truck boom length for each additional one meter, the difficulty extremely difficult. However, a series of facts later proved that Chinese construction machinery enterprises, "blue sky" really difficult.

    In 2011, Sany self-developed pump 86 meters off the assembly line successfully, once again broke the world record. Just two years, from a 72 meters to 86 meters across. At that time, Sany 86 m truck has achieved three highest in the world - the longest boom, boom maximum number of sections, the maximum pumping capacity. Just a few years time thirty-one realized Pump Truck height world record "triple jump."
    So this Zoomlion launched 101 m long boom pump in the design and innovation in the end what is unique?
    According to Zoomlion involved in the research and development of technical personnel, said 101 m trailer concrete pump is not Zoomlion "temporary move" R & D products, but after years of sedimentation, and foreign leading technology integration "carefully of work. " After the 2008 acquisition of CIFA, after two years of technology integration, in February 2011 launch in the United CIFA composite technology, the core technology has made great progress in basic research, product development, test and evaluation platform to enhance other aspects of the manufacturing process, the carbon fiber arm shelf technology, active vibration control technology, intelligent control technology, structural fatigue study, research and application of lightweight, wearable technology and a number of key technologies to achieve a historic breakthrough Zoomlion truck boom length thus sounded challenge ChongFengHao.