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What is commercial concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/08/26

     The commercial concrete mixing plant’s (belt type concrete batching plant) advantage decided its value. At the same time, we should be in accordance with normal procedures. so we can guarantee it for a long time.

    The below is the convenience that the commercial concrete batching plant brought us in the real life.

    1. Environmental protection. The commercial concrete batching plant mixes material in the sealed concrete mixer, and transports into the concrete mixer truck through the sealed pipe, this process does not see the concrete materials exposed to the outside. All powdery materials from feeding, mixing, metering, mixing the materials are done in a sealed environment. The sealed state of the work avoids dust pollution and noise, and it also protects the environment.

    2. Guarantee the quality. All of concrete products are well documented, and the quality is guaranteed. All the concrete must be strictly examined before entering the market. When the ready mixed concrete products enter the site, technical personnel are arranged to track, once problems are detected, they can timely solve.

    3. Saving the cost. In the past, people used homemade concrete to build houses. Self made concrete resulted in high cost from the production to the transportation, labor operation and other expenses. The commercial concrete mixing plant has reduced the cost of construction.