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Advantages of our mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/13

      Purchasers of concrete mixing plants are confronted with numerous lists of promotion from thousands of suppliers from all over the world. Each manufacturer has its own advantages. As a mobile plant supplier, we share the advantages of our mobile concrete batching plant for sale in three aspects: quality, cost and after sales service.

      Quality is the top concern of all purchasers. It can be divided into two parts. The first is quality of parts of a plant, and the second is whether it’s convenient to replace the parts once they get damaged. The steel thickness for the aggregate distributor of our plants ranges between 3.7mm and 4mm, while many in the market are only 2.5mm thick. The feeding mouth of our concrete mixer is covered with an inner liner steel plate which protects the exterior plate from being corroded or damaged. The wearing parts we use are international brands meeting standards of many countries in the world, thus you need not to worry about obtaining them in your local market to replace damaged ones.

      Cost is attached an equal or greater importance by buyers from some regions. Frankly, the price for our mobile concrete batching plant for sale is not the lowest, since we adopt high quality steel as mentioned above. However, we can guarantee that every penny you pay will be worth it. Of course, we can give lower offers if you need, under the condition that you accept 2.5mm thick steel for distributors.

      Convenient after sales service is a practical guarantee for all possible problems in your using a plant. We have engineers overseas who are responsible for dealing with after sales problems, which will reduces your economic lost to the lowest level by solving problems timely. In particular, the mini mobile concrete batching plant has been our best seller in the Philippines. Welcome to send inquires!