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Technical maintenance of cement brick making machine

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/07

      The cement brick making machine can be divided into many types, including cement brick machine, concrete cement hydraulic brick machine, cement brick-free brick press, cement road stone brick machine, slope brick machine, brick block machine, small Cement concrete press, brick machine, high-speed cement road stone brick machine, cement color brick press, cement brick machine, hollow brick brick machine, cement road brick machine, automatic cement brick machine , semi-automatic cement hydraulic brick making machine, lawn cement brick making machine etc.   A series of technical measures should be taken to keep a cement brick making machine often in a good technical state and to ensure its reliability, improve work efficiency, and extend its service life. The main steps of technical maintenance are cleaning, fastening, lubrication and adjustment, combined with related inspection and inspection work. All types of mechanical equipment have clear maintenance regulations in the “Usage and Maintenance Manual”, but in practice people seldom pay enough attention to it.

      People’s mistaken ideas in maintaining a cement brick making machine are as follows: 1. A machine needs no technical check until it fails to work. There is no technical maintenance plan at all, and the machine often operates in a "sick" state. Only when the machine can no longer work, it is sent for repair. 2. Due to the limitation of the harsh environmental conditions of the construction site, the technical maintenance is not carried out at impulses rather than according to the maintenance regulations. 3. The quality of the personnel involved in the maintenance is low, and it cannot be carried out according to the maintenance procedures, and there is no corresponding maintenance record. 4 When the funds are scarce, it is not possible to maintain on time or use unqualified oil and spare parts. 5 When the construction period is tense, it is to make progress, not to maintain on schedule, to ignore the mechanical operation and to force the operation. Thus, such ideas should be discarded in maintaining a cement brick making machine, and you will be able to extend the machine’s service life effectively.