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How to maintain drum dryer of lb2000 asphalt mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/06

      The drum dryer is a cylindrical device specially used for heating and drying aggregates in a stationary or mobile asphalt plant, including lb2000 asphalt mixing plant. Proper use and maintenance of the drying drum maximizes the performance of the drying drum, extending its service life and reducing operating costs. Let's take a look at the specific method of operation.

      1. Pay attention to daily inspection

      The drying drum of the lb2000 asphalt mixing plant burner has been tested before leaving the factory. However, turbulence and vibration are encountered when transported to the construction site. A thorough inspection should be carried out before use: check that all bolts are tight; if all the keys are driven reliably; if all the drives are adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions;

      Whether all the pipes are connected correctly, whether the pipe joints are safe and reliable; whether the whole machine is lubricated thoroughly; start the motor and check whether the components can rotate smoothly in the correct direction of rotation. Whether the pressure gauge works normally, whether the safety valve is adjusted to the correct pressure; whether the burner ignition mechanism is suitable and whether the valve is open.

      2. Correct method of operation

      After an lb2000 asphalt mixing plant is started, it is recommended to manually operate the dryer to achieve the specified production capacity and discharge temperature before switching to the automatic control mode. The aggregate should be dry and should have as constant a moisture content as possible to maintain a constant final temperature as it flows through the drying drum. If the aggregate fed to the drying cylinder changes frequently and the water content of each batch changes, the burner should be adjusted frequently to compensate for these changes.