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Root of shaft end leakage of electric concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/01

    Shaft end leakage is a common problem in using an electric concrete mixer. The roof of this is damages in the flowing sealing part of the shaft end. The sealing effect has a direct influence on the mixer’s overall property. Damages to the seal and oil seal makes the lubrication system deficient in oil, which further causes wear on the sliding hub and the rotating hub.

    electric concrete mixer

    The shaft end temperature is too high due to the leakage of the shaft end and the bearing wear caused by friction with the stirring shaft of the electric concrete mixer. The shaft end of the main equipment of the concrete mixer is a concentrated part. Under the action of high strength stress, the service life of the parts will be greatly shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the seal ring in the shaft end seal, the oil seal, the sliding hub and the rotating hub in time. It is also recommended to use the bearing at the leakage end of the main end of the concrete mixer as the original sealing fitting to avoid dimensional differences and wear and damage the large shaft. Timely check lubrication system is necessary, too. You should focus on lubrication system main oil pump rotating shaft wear phenomenon, lubrication system main oil pump pressure gauge interface plunger working status, progressive oil distribution valve safety valve spool blocking that leads to failure in oil distribution and so on.

    The electric concrete mixer adopts soundproof wall, hollow brick, light steel structure and other materials, and builds a fully enclosed production line of material storage yard and mixing building. The mixer can be equipped with scientific and excellent dust collecting and dust removing device. A water pipe shower is arranged around the material yard of the mixer and at the top of the plant to play the role of water spray (reduction) dust and noise reduction, which not only significantly improves the plant’s stability and safety, but also effectively reduce the material of the concrete mixer.