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Concrete mixer truck dimensions and capacity

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/30

      Concrete mixer truck dimensions and concrete mixer truck capacity are two different concepts, but not a few people who are not from English-spoken countries confuse them. Here is a detailed explanation.

      The concrete mixer truck capacity refers to the tank volume of a concrete mixer truck. Such a truck mainly consists of two parts: the upper part (mixer tank and other smaller components like water tank and motor) and the chassis. And capacity here equals the volume of the mixer tank, usually measured by the unit of cubic meters. Regular capacities for a ready mix concrete truck include 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3, 12m3, 14m3, 16m3 and 18m3, among which the first four are regarded as capacities for small mixer trucks and the latter ones large trucks. 3m3 to 6m3 concrete mixer trucks are applied in narrow construction sites like tunnel building projects, and 8m3 to 12m3 concrete mixer trucks are the most popular ones, the price of which is around 100 thousand dollars. 16m3 and 18m3, although existing, are rarely spotted.

    Concrete mixer truck dimensions and capacity

      The concept of concrete mixer truck dimensions refers to the size, namely, length, width and height of the chassis of a truck. The measuring unit is mm. Dimensions for regular ready mix concrete trucks are as below.

      6m3: 8450mm*2496mm*3835mm

      8m3: 8715mm*2496mm*3800mm

      10m3: 9050mm*2496mm*3750mm

      12m3: 9880mm*2496mm*3920mm

      14m3: 10300mm*2496mm*3920mm

      16m3: 10300mm*2496mm*3920mm

      In a word, the dimension and capacity of a concrete mixer truck are closely related. The larger the capacity, the bigger the dimension. Of course, the dimension of a truck with a given capacity may vary with brands of its chassis, but the variation is little, and you can always choose the one that suit you best.