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Commissioning of a concrete batch mix plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/25

      After a concrete batch mix plant is built, the first step is to debug the operation, check the correctness and reliability of the mechanical and electrical system installation, and confirm the correctness before commissioning. The commissioning of a concrete batch mix plant equipment is divided into that for mechanical, electrical and mechatronics parts.

      The debugging steps of a stationary or mobile concrete plant are as below:

      1. Adjust the unloading door of the aggregate storage bin of the concrete mixing station, and each material door should be opened and flexible; start the flat belt electric drum, the belt running direction is correct, and there is no deviation.

      2. Start the inclined belt, the belt runs in the correct direction, no deviation phenomenon, no abnormal sound.

      3. Check whether the cement mixing bucket, the fly ash measuring bucket, the water and the admixture measuring bucket of the hzs 25 mini mobile concrete batching plant are in a free state, and the measuring buckets should not interfere with other components. Open the hopper hopper discharge door, the discharge door should be opened, there should be no smashing phenomenon; open the cement, fly ash, admixture discharge door, each discharge door should be flexible.

    mobile concrete bach mix plant

      4. Debug the main unit according to the instruction manual of the mixer.

      5. Start the pump and pump it for 15 minutes. Check the pipeline for leaks. Open the butterfly valve and observe whether the butterfly valve is flexible. There should be no water leakage after the valve is closed. There should be no water leakage after the water metering bucket is injected into the water. The water supply pump should be normal after the water supply pump starts.

      6. Start the concrete mixing station storage tank pump in the concrete batch mix plant, the pumping direction is correct, and the pipeline has no leakage. Pump agitation is normal. There should be no leakage at the discharge door of the admixture metering bucket.

      7. Conveying the screw conveyor of concrete batch mix plant. Firstly rotate the screw shaft at the entrance of the screw conveyor. (Be careful, cut off the power supply!) Check whether the spiral blade rubs against the wall of the tube. The light or the friction is normal, such as severe friction. Should be checked, each suspension point can be adjusted to make it normal and then the power is turned on, the motor is started to check whether the screw shaft is turned correctly, the screw conveyor outlet is connected with the cement/fly ash bucket and the vibration of the screw conveyor should not be affected. The measurement accuracy of cement/fly ash.