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Reasons for pipe plugging of a trailer concrete pump

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/22

      Today, the use of trailer concrete pumps has been frequent, but blocking the pipe is still a problem for construction workers. Once the pipe is blocked, it not only damages the machine, but also delays the construction period and causes unnecessary waste. Today, we will talk about how to prevent the plugging of the pump. 

     First of all, we need to know what is the cause of the blockage of the concrete pump, so that we can find out the source and the right solution. There are five main reasons for the mixing of the drag pump:

      1, the concrete material problem is the first factor that causes the dragging pump to block the pipe.

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      2. If the leaking of the duct is poor, the fluidity of the concrete will be poor due to the leakage of the cement slurry, and the friction will be large, which will cause the plugging of the trailer concrete pump.

      3. After the previous pumping is completed, the catheter is not cleaned according to the rules, which causes the catheter to be unclear, affecting the pumping, and also causing the plugging of the agitating pump.

      4. When the stirring pump is pumped for the first time, the speed is not properly slowed down, causing the internal friction of the pipe to be blocked. The intermittent time is too long, which causes the concrete to reach the initial setting state in the pipe, which prevents the subsequent pumping from being blocked. Stir the tube of the pump.

      5, In summer and winter when the temperature is extremely extreme, the temperature is not fully considered, and the protection of the pipeline is unreasonable, resulting in excessive evaporation of water or freezing, which also leads to blockage.

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