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Judgement tips for a mobile ready mix concrete plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/18

      As a large scale equipment, a mobile ready mix concrete plant consumes large sums of money, which makes it necessary for purchasers to be cautious when purchasing. The knowledge of many clients about a ready mix concrete plant involves only its operation and usage process. However, skillful judgement of the quality of a mobile concrete plant for sale is even more important, for no doctor can cure a born patient.

      The key to the quality of a mobile ready mix concrete plant lies in that of its components. Therefore, judging the quality of the concrete mixing plant is mainly to see the major components of the concrete mixing plant. Specifically you should follow judgement tips as below.

      1. If the mixer is a self-dumping mixer, its output buckle does not jump more than 1% of the diameter of the feed port. Also check the quality of the steel mesh of the vibrating screen on the mixer and the screen and mesh. Proper size and check the installation accuracy of the screen;

      2. The operation of the transmission system should be flexible and there is no abnormal noise;

    mobile ready mix concrete plant

      3. Belt conveyor, belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor and other transmissions should be stable, flexible operation, high braking, no abnormal noise, no card chain; safety valve can not leak; ;

      4. The inspection of the metering system is also very important. The sensitivity and accuracy of the metering system should be checked. All weighings are controlled by electronic scales and microcomputers. The weighing accuracy of aggregate is ≤2%, and the weighing accuracy of cement, powder, water and admixture all reach ≤1%.

      5. The silt is stored in a fully enclosed steel structure silo; liquid storage: water tank or pool, the pool should be treated with anti-seepage treatment; the admixture is stored in a steel structure container, and the admixture storage tank should have anti-precipitation and winter anti-crystallization device.

      6. The lifting temperature of the reducer should also be noted, to reach the temperature on the certificate.

      Hope the tips above is useful in your purchasing of a mobile ready mix concrete plant.