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How to maintain howo 6x4 concrete mixer truck chassis

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/15

      The howo 6x4 concrete mixer truck chassis is used widely for concrete mixer trucks in China and abroad. Concrete mixer trucks are used as transportation vehicles. In terms of maintenance and repair, the maintenance and repair systems of 'regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, and condition-based repairs' must be carried out. The mixer truck is used as a special engineering vehicle and has a long service life. It is necessary to do the maintenance work of the vehicle, especially the maintenance of the howo 6x4 mixer truck chassis.

      In rainy seasons, it is necessary to clean the chassis to prevent the chassis of a concrete mixer truck from rusting. If the chassis has more stains, first remove the oil with a detergent to expose the original color of the chassis. In a professional repair shop, the concrete mixer truck can be raised to the lifting rack to clean the chassis, and then go through the rust-proof treatment. It should be noted that the water on the chassis should be allowed to dry after cleaning. When the mixer is used for care, the spray coating should be uniform and wait for 5-10 minutes to dry naturally. Do not use alkaline cleaners or washing powders in daily cleaning of the body and chassis, for they will affect the rust prevention effect. The care of the 6x4 mixer truck chassis is better to be carried out by a professional chassis service station. The nursing effect can be tested by a simple method: no water should remain on the chassis after the high-pressure water spray, which means the nursing effect is the genuinely good. When the concrete mixer truck is parked for a long time, its chassis must be maintained and lubricated to prevent it from getting rusty.

      In addition, according to a well-experienced driver of concrete trucks, the most frequent replacement in the routine maintenance of chassis engine is three filters and oil. Fuel and air is like the engine's "rations" just like our human food. The function of the filter element is to filter impurities in fuel, air and oil to prevent impurities from entering the engine, causing abnormal engine wear or abnormal operation. The ultimate goal of replacing the three filters is to better protect the engine and maximize the life of the engine, which is the most routine maintenance item. He usually does a full maintenance every 5,000 kilometers. The gear oil of the gearbox and the gear oil of the transaxle can be extended by this way.