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How to maintain screws of trailer mounted concrete pump

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/11

      A trailer mounted concrete pump has its own mixing function, high efficiency construction, wide application range and low investment cost. Such a trailer pump is the perfect choice for infrastructure construction in rural areas. The trailer concrete pump construction site can realize the concrete cast-in-place operation, so there is no need to fetch ready mix concrete from a concrete mixing plant using a concrete mixer truck, which helps the construction party to save a lot of transportation costs. All these convenience, however, is based on good daily maintenance habits of every single part of the trailer mounted concrete pump, including tiny screws.  


    Why should the screws on the concrete pump be carefully checked? Because all mechanical parts are fastened by screws, the state of each screw may be related to the safe and smooth operation of the equipment, so the screwing of the trailer mounted concrete pump is very important. The following screws of a trailer concrete pump need to be regularly inspected and tightened, and replaced if they are worn:   

    1. The screws that fix the mixing blades in the mixing system must be checked and tightened.   

    2. Screw at the interface of the concrete pump S tube;   

    3. The cylinder block, tie rod bolt and nut, and the screw of the concrete pump should be tightened.   

    4. The cylinder joint and the frame connecting bolt.   

    5. The oil suction port of each oil pump, the connecting bolt of the oil discharge port and the pipeline, and the fixing bolts of each oil pump and pump seat of the concrete pump, the pump base and the bottom plate, the oil motor and the support.   

    6. Valve box fixing bolts and valve box body and hopper fixing bolts.   

    7. Connect the bolts at both ends of the main cylinder.   

    8. There are also clamp bolts for the conveying pipe.   

    Trailer mounted concrete pumps supplied by Haomei Machinery can achieve 4-6 times of construction efficiency, and with mixing and conveying two in one, this trailer concrete pump helps to reduce the flow purchase cost. If a concrete tow pump is purchased for leasing investment, not only is the investment cost low, but the product payback period is also short. As long as we pay attention to the inspection and maintenance work of screws in a trailer pump, we can effectively extend the pump’s service life.