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How to prevent trailer concrete pump from pipe clogging

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/15

      In a previous article we discussed reasons for pipe plugging of a trailer concrete pump, here we share how to prevent pipe clogging from happening.

      Three basic ways to prevent your pump from plugging:

      01 Raw materials of the concrete to be pumped should be carefully selected.

      The material should be kept tight, the amount of cement should be sufficient; the particle size of the aggregate should be strictly controlled. The maximum particle size of the pebble should be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the pipe and gravel less than 1/4 of the diameter of the pipe. The sand content should be More than 40%. The amount of residual material should be sufficient, and its level must be higher than the stirring axis. Pay attention to the concrete slump, the length of which should be 8~18cm and height 15cm. If it is not qualified, the concrete should not be pumped by a trailer concrete pump until it gets two times of stirring.


      02 Strict management in pump operation

      When a trailer mounted concrete pump is working, a dispatched person should be around to check the tightness of the duct. In case of leakage, the relative part must be immediately treated and repaired. It is necessary to organize the catheter every time the pumping is completed, and a monitor is necessary to guarantee the finishing of the . Before each pumping, the inside of the duct must be inspected to make sure that it’s smooth and straight.

      03 Operation skill

      The initial pumping should be slowed down, and the pumping speed should be properly accelerated after the normal pumping. The concrete pump should be started every 5 minutes during the interval to prevent the pipe from being blocked. The concrete that has reached the initial setting state should not be pumped. A grass bag should be used to cover the pipe during hot summer to keep temperature of the pipe surface under a reasonable control. Sprinkle water to cool down the pipe in summer and cover it up to keep it warm in winter.