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hzs 25 mini mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/20

      If you are looking for hzs 25 mini mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers, you are recommended to visit the scale and strength of a manufacturer on site, and do not blindly compare prices from the Internet, for information on the net can be deceptive. If you can visit different concrete batching plant manufacturers, you will find that the large-scale manufacturers’ team size and talent reserve are very good, and the high level of the workshop is very easy to see. It is conceivable that a set of equipment comes from a high-tech production line, and highly qualified professionals and companies solemnly promise that his quality can be used with confidence. A powerful manufacturer supplies not only mini plants but also larger plants like hzs90 and hzs180. Moreover, large-scale manufacturers can provide service guarantees for customers before, during and after sales. It is precisely because the products are based on high quality that manufacturers can have such confidence to be responsible for their products.

      A hzs 25 mini mobile concrete batching plant is the smallest of portable plants, working in much the same way as a normal HZS mixing plant. Simply put, the various materials stored are sorted according to a reasonable ratio, and the amount of each material is weighed by a weighing system, and then passed through the material conveying system to enter the concrete mixer for stirring, and then through the discharge hopper. Its feature are as below.

      1. The structure is compact in design, and most of the batching plant components are concentrated on a single trailer unit;

      2. The operation mode is humanized, the work is stable and reliable, and it can operate stably under various harsh environments;

      3. It adopts advanced double-shaft forced mixer, which can run continuously, stir evenly, and the mixing movement is strong and fast;

      4. The whole station can be quickly transported to the construction site and assembled on site;

      5. The mobile concrete batching plant is pre-commissioned before leaving the factory, and can be constructed without debugging;

      6. Haomei mobile concrete batching plants has high automation, flexible and convenient operation, simple and stable operation.

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