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Does your trailer mounted concrete pump get blocked up

Writer:Admin   Time:19/08/22

      Does trailer mounted concrete pump get blocked up? Are you operating it properly and strictly in accordance with instructions? Check whether you are making the following mistakes.   Operators do not pay attention to the reading of the trailer concrete pump pressure gauge. Once the reading suddenly increases, they should immediately reverse pump 2-3 journeys, and then correct the pump, and the blockage can be eliminated.

      If the reverse pump has been carried out (several positive pump operation cycles will make the selection of pump speed improper, the choice of speed is very critical. Operators can not blindly map fast, sometimes speed is not random when pumping, because the pipeline resistance is large, at this time should be low-speed pumping normal, can properly improve the pumping speed when the collapse degree of condensate is small.

      When the surplus is controlled for pumping, the operator must observe the surplus material in the hopper of the trailer mounted concrete pump at any time. The surplus material must not be lower than the mixing shaft. If the surplus material is too small, it is easy to suck and cause blockage. If there is too much material in the hopper, the coarse aggregate and super aggregate should be cleaned in time below the protective fence. When the slump degree of condensate is small, the residual material can be lower than the mixing shaft, and the suction port can be controlled above, so as to reduce the resistance of mixing and take measures to avoid the slump degree of a bucket of concrete.

      When pumping, concrete should be pumped from the bottom of the hopper in time, which is easy to cause blockage of the pipe in the hopper and add water to stir for 5 long shutdown time. For long downtime, coagulation that has already begun to coagulate continues.

      When the last pumping is over, the pipeline is not cleaned and cleaned, which will form a blockage in the next pumping. Therefore, at the end of each pumping, the pipeline of the trailer mounted concrete pump must be cleaned and cleaned according to the operating rules.