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Advantages of trailer mounted concrete pump for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:19/09/17

      What are advantages of our trailer mounted concrete pump for sale?

      A concrete pumping equipment must meet the requirements of high strength and long durability, namely, excellent pumpability. Concrete has good fluidity during the pumping process, low resistance, no segregation, no bleeding, no blockage of the pipeline. Basic requirements for a trailer concrete pump are as below.

      The frictional resistance between the concrete and the pipe wall is small, the pumping pressure is appropriate, the conveying distance and the conveying amount per unit time are limited, the pressure on the concrete is increased, and the concrete quality is changed. There must be no segregation during the pumping process. The coarse aggregate is in a non-suspended state in the mortar. The aggregates are in contact with each other and the frictional resistance increases. When the pumping pressure is exceeded, the pipe will be blocked.

      A concrete trailer pump for sale should also has good continuity and high efficiency, which not only meets the requirements of self-compacting concrete for pumping, but also greatly improves the progress of the project and shortens the construction period. When the trailer mounted concrete pump is used to cast concrete, the speed is uniform and continuous, and the excellent performance of the self-compacting concrete can be exerted.

      The surface of the pumped concrete should be of very good quality and there are no surface bubbles or honeycomb pockmarks. In addition, the trailer concrete pump has the characteristics of high configuration, stable performance and reliable quality. It is a good device for pumping self-compacting concrete.