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Factors influencing mini concrete batching plant price

Writer:Admin   Time:19/09/19

      The mini concrete batching plant price is not high. If you have done some research work, however, you will find that the price varies from supplier to supplier, and sometimes the gap is surprising. What factors, then are influencing the price of mini concrete batching plants?

      The first is model. By model we refer not only to capacity but also configuration of a plant. If you ask a supplier for a mini concrete batching plant, its sales unit will not give you a direct price. They will learn how many cubic meters of concrete you need first, based on which they give you a capacity. The customer's expected production capacity for the mixing station is different, and the amount of investment required is also different. If the pre-planned production capacity is relatively large, this requires a certain amount of equipment and raw material demand in the concrete mixing plant, and these will increase the capital investment of the entire project. Basic capacities of mini plants include 25, 35 and 50. The 50m3 plant proves to be the most expensive of the three with a large output and flooring area. As for configuration, a plant can be composed of a batching unit and a mixing unit only, or of extra units like feeding buckets and even belt conveyors. Different configuration leads to variation in price.

      The second is usage area. Regional differences are also one of the most important factors influencing the mini concrete batching plant price. Different regional differences mainly affect the land area of the entire mixing station and the salary expenses of the staff. The greater the regional difference, the more different the requirements for funds.