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HBT90 Trailer mounted concrete pump price

Writer:Admin   Time:19/09/24

      HBT90 trailer mounted concrete pump price is around 60,000 dollars per set. The power system, hydraulic system and pumping system are matched reasonably, which effectively reduces diesel fuel consumption; high suction property, the actual pumping efficiency reaches more than 80% of the theoretical value; the configuration is more optimized, and the Deutz FAW engine provides powerful power for the equipment. Extensive use of imported hydraulic components and electrical components, greatly improving the reliability of equipment use; unique dual-pump dual-circuit open hydraulic system, mutual cooperation, longer service life; quick-change piston device with independent intellectual property rights, quick piston replacement Convenient; the application of electric high and low voltage switching and hydraulic jacking legs simplifies the operation mode; the variable power energy saving technology based on the limit load regulating pressure makes the equipment always work at the most economical working point, and has the best energy saving effect; The industrial controller for self-diagnosis and protection functions has a much higher reliability than ordinary PLC control.

      Our HBT90 trailer mounted concrete pump price is reasonable and worth it. The main advantages of our trailer concrete pump products are high reliability and good cost efficiency. All of its parts and components have passed the site inspection of over 100,000 square meters, including core components diesel engine, main pump, main cylinder etc. Designed with an adaptive pumping control technology, the blocking rate of the trailer concrete pump is reduced by 50%. The pump’s wearing parts ranks number 1 in cost-efficiency, the three major wearing parts of which far exceed the competition.