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How do mini concrete plant manufacturers improve weighing accuracy

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/09

      As known to all, weighing accuracy is a key factor influencing the quality of concrete to be produced. To ensure the quality of the concrete, mini concrete batching plant manufacturers are striving to it is enhance the batching accuracy of each raw material. The methods Haomei has taken are as below.

      The storage hopper single feed opening is changed to double discharge port

      When the hopper number of a mini concrete batching plant is one, problems rise easily, among which material blocking is a common one, because it’s easy for aggregates to be conically accumulated when they are discharged at a single discharge port. When aggregates pile up to a certain height, they block up the discharge port. This often happens to stand-alone weighing machines. To solve the problem, Haomei designs a 2-hole distributor for its mini batching concrete plants. The double feed opening can be separately controlled to further accurately cut the amount of material. The concentrated weighing batching machine aggregates down the belt and enters the weighing hopper, which is not easy to block the material, so the centralized weighing and batching machine does not need such a design.

      The control system is set with the drop value and automatic replenishment

      The load cell is weighed on the hopper at a mini concrete batching plant. If there is no drop difference design, a time difference will occur between the moments when the sensor senses the weight and when it gives a feedback to stop the hopper discharge, and the aggregate will continue to enter during this time difference. The extra amount of aggregate that enters the weighing hopper is called the drop value that may affect the final mixing quality. Therefore, good mini concrete batching plant suppliers will make every effort to enable their plant users to set the drop value setting function conveniently. What’s more, the automatic replenishment function will further determine the amount of aggregate to prevent errors.