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Traps in purchasing used concrete trailer pumps

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/11

      Many people are willing to get used concrete trailer pumps to save budgets, but like the old says goes, the price you pay for a product equals its worth. Its easy for you to get into traps if you pursue low prices blindly. Here we share some traps you might be confronted in purchasing used concrete trailer pumps.

      A. Debt and accident history

      Believe it or not, some owners sell their second hand trailer concrete pumps even before paying off its price. They are so eager to get rid of a pump trailer that they give a surprisingly low offer. You might be happy with your wonder bargain until you find out yourself in a debt dispute.

      Accident history problem is more serious with a used concrete pump truck than with a trailer pump. Few people would pay attention to previous accidents of a pump before buying it, for price and quality is all we can take into account normally. However, you can never be more careful to avoid possible trouble in the future. You must check that whether there have been major accidents with the pump, especially when you find out traces of large scale repair work. Is there a proper repair after the accident? Or is it more important to involve a human life lawsuit? Bear in mind that never listen to so-called friends to save money and trouble in the purchasing work, and you must judge by yourself. It’s not small amount of money, after all.

      B. True state of main units

      Not a few used concrete trailer pumps have been in service for years before being sent into the market again. Sellers refurbish the pumps and convince you that they are 80% new, persuading you to buy them. Thus it’s important to check the main units of a trailer concrete pump carefully before buying it.

      C. Operation cost