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Mini concrete batching plant price in China

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/15

      The mini concrete batching plant price is closely related to the configuration and capacity of the mini batching plant. The capacities of mini plants usually include 25m3 and 35m3 cubic meters per hour, and corresponding models are hzs25 and hzs35. With simpler configurations, the two are also known as JS500 and JS750 concrete mixer plants. An hzs25 concrete batching plant consists of a silo, a mixer, a batching unit and other necessary parts, while main units of a JS500 are only a double shaft concrete mixer and a simple distributor. The differences between HZS35 and JS750 are similar to those of hzs25 and JS500.

      A standard JS500 or hzs25 mini concrete batching plant has a theoretical capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour. In actual production, it is affected by various external factors, and the actual output is about 15--20 m3. The 25m3 mini batching plant price is around 200,000 yuan in our local place. If concrete trucks, forklifts, floor scales, laboratory equipment, etc. are added, the cost will increase accordingly. The JS500 concrete mixing plant equipment has a small footprint of approximately 15m*12m. In addition to sand and stone materials, office areas, parking areas, etc., at least three acres of land area is required.

      A complete set of 35m3 mini batching plant include mixing equipment, concrete transportation equipment, laboratory equipment, forklifts, weighbridges, pump trucks, transformers, etc. The discharge height of the mixing station is generally 3.8 meters, but with the change of the concrete truck, it is now adjusted to 4.1 meters. The mainframe is mostly used for forced twin-shaft mixers, and some also use vertical single-shaft mixers. The 35m3 mini batching plant price is generally tens of thousands of dollars, and it varies from brand to brand.

      Maybe our mini batching plant price is not the lowest, but we strive to offer the best service. Each production process must be inspected and tested by the quality inspection department of the factory. After passing the inspection, a transfer order is issued. The important inspection records are filled in. The transfer order can be used to transfer the next process or leave the factory. We are very strict on the quality of equipment, only to make high-quality excellent mixing equipment, so that you can get a better experience in use, and help you on your way to accumulate wealth! The whole quality of a mini concrete batching plant is guaranteed for one year (except for the mixer liner, low-voltage electrical appliance, loader belt and other wearing parts), and the whole machine is guaranteed for life. Outside the warranty period, the repair costs are borne by the user.