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Features of small trailer mounted pumps for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/17

      Small trailer mounted pumps for sale have been very popular because they cater for concrete pumping need for small civil projects. The features of a small trailer mounted pump are as below.   1. Low motor power. The 5.5kw power can be fully supplied by a small scale generator in case of shortage in power.

      2. It is a trailer concrete pump with a small volume, suitable for small narrow projects.

      3. It is easy to move the pump.

      4. The pump is equipped with high, full hydraulic operator, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.

      5. The pump is affordable, and there are three types of equipment: mini mortar pump, miniature stone concrete pump and micro concrete pump.

      6. The automatic air pressure technology of the piston structure is used, in which the working pressure is large, the pumping distance long, and the pumping height high.

      7. The principle is very simple, and the hydraulic operation is good for the operator.

      8. Small size and convenient indoor use.

      9. Save time and improve efficiency.

      10. A small trailer pump can save expenses and extend the construction period.

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