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Tips in purchasing and running a mini mobile concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/22

      A mini mobile concrete batching plant is a mobile-type plant of 25 or 35 cubic meters per hour. It plays an important role in modern construction. A concrete plant supplies ready mix concrete for all kinds of building projects like roads, bridges and skyscrapers. If you intend to invest in a mini mobile concrete batching plant, the following simple tips might be helpful.

      First, always bear in mind that you must purchase a mini mobile batching plant that works well, and then you think about price. Many people place price before quality because they assume that two plants of different prices are of the same level of quality, which is ridiculous if it comes to smaller objects like toys. Even kids can tell the difference between an expensive toy and a cheap one, while adults tend to believe their judging ability in a totally strange area. You might learn a lot about mini concrete plant units, but it does not mean you understand its manufacturing process during which how many tricks about quality can be played. As known to all, a plant consists of parts for conveying, weighing, mixing and storing. Devices of some the parts are scattered in corners of the plant, especially those of the weighing part. The failure of any tiny unit of a part might lead to failure of the whole plant and even accidents sometimes. It's easier said than done, and please be rational in your purchasing procedures.

      Second, choose models of parts that match each other well. Maybe you are familiar with some brands, but they may not be the best to work with your current mixer or other units of the mini concrete plant. Although some suppliers might try to persuade to get more expensive devices, you had better listen to them unless you have sufficient knowledge about the problem. Most suppliers would love to give the best configuration advice as long as you are willing to take. It's their obligation to provide a perfect solution based on your target capacity, budget and installation site conditions.

      Last, have sophisticated operators ready in advance. Skillful operators are much less likely to have errors in operation, which helps to improve the stability and efficiency of the mini mobile batching plant. In contrast, a green hand may make naive mistakes like getting aggregate types or sizes mixed up, postponing concrete production process.

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