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Trailer concrete pump from manufacturers

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/24

      Among leading trailer concrete pump manufacturers in Henan, we supply 60m3, 80m3, 90m3 and 120m3 trailer pumps to the global market. Here we would like to introduce our HBT60 and HBT80 pumps.

      There are two types of engine for our HBT60 trailer concrete pumps: diesel and electrical. The maximum pumping quantity is 60m3 per hour and the distributing valve is of S type. It can work 12 hours continuously without interruption and even created the record of running two and a half days constantly. In addition to regular concrete types, complicated ones like B90 and C150 can also be dealt with. The pump is even able to tackle slurry, slag and other flowing wastes. The pump is equipped with a self-diagnosis device which can monitor and diagnose more than 50 faults in real time. This alone helps to shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%. A dedicated motion controller especially developed for concrete pumps integrates pumping classic algorithm and function library, featured by faster calculation speed, superior performance and perfect integration with pumping conditions.

      The HBTS80 trailer concrete pump is a diesel engine-powered high-pressure large-displacement concrete pump developed by Haomei to meet the needs of the market. In addition to features shared by HBTS60 mentioned above, the pump is beautiful in appearance, excellent in options, and advanced in performance. In particular, great importance is attached to high reliability in the design of the pump. The ultra-high pressure design and global procurement of components make this pump model comparable in performance to foreign advanced products. Especially suitable for a large number of concrete conveying operations in super high-rise buildings, it is an ideal concrete conveying equipment for areas with harsh natural conditions and remote areas where electricity is scarce.

      We stick to the motto of “to be responsible trailer concrete pump manufacturers rather than casual exporters”. Our main market covers Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Welcome to contact us!