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How much is a js750 small mobile batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/29

      Some clients asked about the price of a js750 small mobile batching plant recently. Others ask about a js750 concrete mixer plant. As a matter of fact, both are of the same type of mobile concrete batching plant: yhzs35. The capacity of such a plant is around 260 cubic meters of concrete. Equipped with a js750 concrete mixer (capacity 750L), a PLD1200 concrete distributor, a screw conveyor, one to two powder silos, a belt conveyor, a control system and relative weighing devices, the small mobile batching plant is used in medium construction projects and prefabrication factories.

      The price of a js750 mobile batching plant ranges from 180 to 350 thousand dollars, but a final price cannot be obtained unless you do an accurate math work based on your actual needs. For example, some clients would like to use two silos and others may want one. Different measuring and distributing devices have different prices, too. In addition, the price varies from supplier to supplier owing to variation in manufacturing costs. You are advised to compare quality, process levels and after sales service in selecting suppliers.

      Developed by an advanced shaft end sealing technology, Haomei 750 small mobile concrete batching plant has a longer service life, a more accurate measuring results, a more flexible control system and a higher quality of concrete production. Welcome to contact us for more information!