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Tips in operating a trailer mounted boom concrete pump

Writer:Admin   Time:19/10/30

       As a 10-year supplier of trailer concrete pump machines, we would like to share tips in operating a trailer mounted boom concrete pump as below.

      1 The concrete pipe joints of the trailer concrete pump should be tightly sealed and the pipe clamps should be firmly connected. The horizontal pipe with no check valve should be no less than 10m in front of the vertical pipe. It is strictly forbidden to connect the vertical pipe directly to the output of the concrete pump.
      2 When clearing the blocked pipe, evacuate the surrounding people. Before the dismantling of the pipeline, the reverse pumping method should be adopted to pull the concrete pump to remove the pressure of the conveying pipeline and the small fine concrete pump. It is strictly forbidden to pipe the mouth when disassembling.
      4 Do not remove the hopper grille and other safety devices during operation of the trailer mounted boom concrete pump. Do not climb and ride the pipeline, do not put your hand into the valve body, and do not disassemble the pipeline when pumping.
      5 When cleaning the pipe, the operator should leave the pipe outlet and the elbow joint. If the pipeline is cleaned with compressed air, no man or equipment shall be allowed within 10m of the outlet of the pipeline.
      6 After the operation, the hydraulic system of the trailer concrete pump should be relieved of the small fine concrete pump equipment, and all the control switches are returned to the original position.
      7. When pouring concrete, it should be poured in strict accordance with the construction procedures required by the construction unit, and it can be poured smoothly under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the construction personnel.
      8. The concrete plugging pump and counter-pump overflow mortar should be actively cooperated with the construction unit to clean up in time, and strive to ensure the completion of the work and keep the construction site clean.
      9. After the concrete is poured, the remaining concrete in the mixing hopper can be brought back after the construction unit agrees. If the construction unit needs to use it, it can be unloaded to the construction.
      10. When the trailer mounted boom concrete pump is retracted, wash the car at the point, and do not wash it at will, affecting environmental sanitation.
      11, consciously do a good job of car appearance, and the cleanliness of the cab.
      12. After the pumping operation is completed on the same day, fuel is added in time to ensure that the vehicle will be delivered on time the next day.