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Concrete batching plant process

Writer:Admin   Time:19/11/05

     The concrete batching plant process is a physical rather than chemical process, realized by distributing of aggregates and sand, weighing of powder and liquid materials and conveying of all these materials to the concrete mixer which carries out the mixing of concrete of an ideal model. Nowadays, the entire operation process of the commercial concrete batching plant is carried out under computer control. With automatic proportioning, automatic conveying and automatic mixing technology, it is convenient to produce concrete for construction. The specific concrete production process is as follows.

    Aggregate Weighing
    The required aggregates include sand and gravel materials, which are transported by trucks to the plant area. The aggregates must fully meet relative standards, and then they are fed into closed silos by separate loaders. A weighing scale is connected under the aggregate silo, and the various aggregates are weighed according to the mass ratio. The good aggregate is transported by the belt conveyor (semi-closed) to the aggregate transition chamber. The door is opened by the transition chamber and is stirred into the concrete mixer.
    Weighing of Powder
     The required powder is transported from the sealed tanker to the plant area, and then the tanker or other conveying device is driven into the vertical powder silo through the compressed air pump to open the butterfly valve and powder. The material falls into the screw conveyor, and then is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper. The weighing is deducted according to the ratio of the aggregate. The good cement is slid into the concrete by the cylinder opening butterfly valve under the cement weighing hopper. 
    Weighing of Water
    The water required is pumped by the water pump into the weighing box for weighing. The water is pumped out by the booster pump and sprayed into the mixer through the water sprayer.
    Weighing agent weighing
    The required additives are pumped from the additive tank to the weighing box by the self-priming pump, and the ready additive is put into the water tank and sprayed into the concrete mixer.
    Concrete Mixing
    Aggregate, powder, water and admixture are put into the concrete mixer according to the set time, and the materials entering the concrete mixer are on the two mixing shafts which are mutually reversed. Under the agitation of the spiral blade, the material is squeezed, rubbed, sheared, and convected in vigorous blending. When the stirring time is up, the cylinder of the mixer opening device opens the door, and the concrete is pushed by mixing blades into the tank of a concrete mixer truck waiting under the concrete mixer. Then the mixer door closes and a new cycle of concrete batching plant process begins. The ready mix concrete is delivered to construction sites in time.