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Tips in hiring a concrete pump trailer rental

Writer:Admin   Time:19/11/07

    Owing to high cost of trailer concrete pumps, it’s not necessary for people in charge of short-term projects to purchase a pump. A better choice is to hire a concrete pump trailer rental. As a professional concrete pump manufacturer, we would like to give some tips for your hiring task.

    In order to further guarantee the quality of service, you need to make a contract standardizing the leasing business with the leaser party, and clarifying the rights and obligations between the two parties. The two parties shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, adhere to the principle of equality, fairness and consensus. And a contract for concrete pump trailer rental should be of two copies, with each party keeping one copy. The content should include the following aspects.

    1. Models, number of units, accessories and related equipment parameters of the trailer concrete pump for renting goods;

    2. The lease time period must be clearly stated in the contract, and charging methods of relative costs should be clarified, too.

    3. The calculation method of the lease fee, such as monthly calculation or annual calculation;

    4. The venue rental use, which need to be specific

    5. After-sales service provided by the rental trailer concrete pump manufacturer, including equipment repair, maintenance, cleaning, reinforcement, disassembly, etc.;

    6. The constraint of liability for breach of contract;

    7. The payment method of the fee, etc. Of course, there might be further details need discussion in practice. Here is only a template for reference. And please note that we do not lease trailer concrete pumps. We are manufacturers and suppliers, thus if you are looking for a concrete trailer pump rental or a second hand trailer concrete pump, you come to the wrong person. However, if you need new trailer pumps or concrete pump trucks, you are warmly welcome to contact us!