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Mixer and distributor of our hzs180 ready-mixed concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/11/14

      An HZS180 ready-mixed concrete batching plant is mainly composed of a material supply system, a metering system, a mixing system and a control system with a computer. The plant has functions of electronic measurement, dynamic picturing, storage ratio, automatic compensation gap and automatic printing. Both operation methods of semi-automatic and full automatic are available. Able to produce a variety of concrete, the 180m3 concrete batching plant is widely used in plastics, such as large and medium-sized projects, roads and bridges, producing high-quality concrete prefabrication plants, large-scale engineering construction, road&bridge construction and commercial concrete production. The mixer and distributor of our hzs180 ready-mixed concrete batching plant are as below.

      Concrete mixer of an HZS180 plant

      The concrete batching plant is equipped with a concrete mixer JS3000 which mixes through the mixing cylinder device, the transmission, the hydraulic pumping station, the automatic lubrication device, and the agitating composition. The hydraulic discharge door has automatic and manual selection. In case of emergency power failure, etc., the door can be manually opened. The automatic lubrication system is used with the shaft seal to lubricate the system inlet components.

      Distributor of an HZS180 plant

      1. PLD4800 four position batching machine, volume 2. 4 cubic meters, the number of groups is 4 and 2. Tension sensor, the specification is 2T, and the number of groups is 12 and 3 . Weighing bucket, Volume 2. 65 cubic meters, 4 sets of 4 quantities. Horizontal belt conveyor, size is 32700 mm * thousand mm, the number is 15. The vibrator, the specification is 180W, and the number is 10.

      2. Configuration information of our HZS180 ready-mixed concrete batching plant: mixing console, drive motor, reducer, aggregate and unloading device, cement metering device, fly ash of the dosing device, water weighing device, the weighing Device admixtures, main peripherals in pneumatic control systems, computer control systems, dust recovery, concrete hoppers, operating rooms and brackets, screw conveyors, dust and shredded arches, cement silos, concrete pumps.