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Features of a trailer concrete pump with boom

Writer:Admin   Time:19/11/26

      A trailer concrete pump with boom refers to a machine unit with a trailer concrete pump and a boom of a concrete pump truck. The unit has the same function of a concrete pump truck except for that it can not move unless an extra trailing vehicle is added. In spite of its obscurity in China, a trailer concrete pump with boom is very popular in some other countries. Its features are as below.

      First, a trailer concrete pump with boom has a low cost. As mentioned above, the combination of a such a trailer boom with a trailing vehicle has a similar function to a concrete pump truck, but the latter is much more expensive, and its most expensive part is the chassis whose main use is to support and carry the boom around. A trailer boom has a boom and a trailing vehicle to replace the chassis, proving to be much cheaper than a concrete pump truck.

      Second, a trailer concrete pump with boom has a stronger adaptability to construction sites, especially narrow ones. The trailing vehicle is not so large as a chassis, which indicates that it takes up a less area and the boom can work in narrower sites.

      Third, the trailer boom can be used as either a trailer pump or a boom pump, combining the functions of both. When you need to deliver concrete horizontally, you use the trailer alone, and when you need to send concrete to a certain height, you use the trailer pump and the boom.

      However, the design of a trailer concrete pump with a boom is only to meet requirements of buyers who need trailer pumps and pump trucks yet are tight in budget. Low cost matches poorer performances. Such a unit can never compete with a real concrete pump truck in either efficiency or quality.