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Features of hzs50 concrete batching plant for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:20/03/18

      Our hzs50 concrete batching plant for sale has a capacity of 50m3/h. It consists of a JS1000 concrete mixer, a three-hopper batching machine, a bucket lift, a control system, a weighing system, a certain number of cement silos and corresponding screw conveyors. The js1000 mixer adopts high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm technology, with a service life of 3-5 times that of ordinary mixing arm. The batching machine is of modular type with symmetry single bin module and free combination. The aggregates can be loaded on both sides conveniently and flexibly.

      Cement bins are the equipment for storing bulk powder in HZS50 concrete batching plant. It can replace the civil silo, featured by good water proof and moisture-proof functions, efficient prevention of cement loss and environmental pollution, small floor area, long service life and low cost. The bucket elevator is an ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment for 50m3 concrete mixing plant, which has the characteristics of high lifting height, stable operation, less land occupation, long service life and convenient assembly. The screw conveyor adopts high-quality steel pipe with good rigidity, double pitch blades to reduce the compression degree of material transportation, high-quality gearbox with heavy design and optional universal ball joint to facilitate the installation. The control system is the center of the plant, and the whole machine is controlled by a computer that is easy to operate and master. Sensor, with accurate weighing and rapid response, is the first step to realize automatic detection and control. The pneumatic butterfly valve is tightly sealed, reliable in operation, simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight and high in cost performance. The pneumatic system is the executive device of the station. Its function is to timely open and close the doors of each warehouse according to the instructions issued by the industrial microcomputer, to break the arch of cement in the cement warehouse, to blow and mix the additives, to ensure the accurate measurement of various aggregates, cement and additives, and to complete the loading task of finished materials.