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120cbm concrete batching plant layout

Writer:Admin   Time:20/03/03

    A 120cbm concrete batching plant is an hzs120 concrete batching plant, the capacity of which is 120 cubic meters per hour. The whole set of equipment includes a double horizontal shaft mixer, a proportioner, cement bins and screw conveyors, a conveyor belt and a microcomputer control room. JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer is adopted, which is a kind of forced and efficient equipment. It can produce various kinds of concrete, such as plastic concrete and dry hard concrete, with high production efficiency, short mixing time, and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge, as well as in the prefabrication plant for producing concrete products, and it is an ideal equipment for producing commercial concrete.

    120m3 concrete plant layout is similar to that of any other stationary plants. Details are as below.

    1. Layout of Cement Silos

    According to the needs of the project, the 120cbm concrete batching plant is equipped with multiple collection bins with a capacity that meets the requirements. Materials of different specifications are stacked in sections, and various material names, specifications, quantities, and quality status are clearly marked on the partition wall. The collection bins are erected. The awning is made of cement concrete with a hard bottom, and the ground drainage cross slope is not less than 4%. The drainage system in the warehouse is perfect and the site is clean and tidy. Set up the silo as required, and set the bottom materials to be inspected. Rain shelters for silos under construction. The thickness and height of the concrete partition wall are up to standard.

    2. Layout of Feed Hopper

    The concrete mixer feed hopper is equipped with a closed rainproof shed (some hopper rainproof sheds are connected to the rain shed of the aggregate bin) to prevent the aggregate from being wet by rain on the feed hopper and ensure the stability of the moisture content of the aggregate; Obvious aggregate specifications and aggregate bin numbers are set on the feeding hopper and rainproof shed to facilitate corresponding loading and prevent incorrect loading from affecting the quality of concrete. According to the width of the feeding hopper, a method of narrowing the width of the hopper on the forklift is adopted to match the width of the hopper of the mixer to prevent the problem of stringing when the forklift is loading. The feed hopper is connected to the silo canopy. Feed hopper closed rainproof shed. Clear hopper identification. Narrow the hopper width on the forklift to match the hopper width of the mixer.

    3. Layout of Batching Machine

    In order to facilitate the loading of the loader, a loading ramp should be provided on the loading side of the concrete batching unit, and a freely accessible inspection channel should be reserved between the batching unit to facilitate inspection, repair and maintenance of the equipment and operation. At the same time, a protective fence should be erected between the loading slope pier and the batching unit to avoid the accumulation of scattered materials during loading of the loader, which will adversely affect the normal operation of the aggregate belt conveyor.