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Stationary asphalt batch mix plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/04/20

      Stationary asphalt batch mix plants have models of LB500, LB800, LB1000, LB2000, LB3000 and LB5000. The letters LB refer to a stationary asphalt plant, namely, the abbreviation of the plant type, and the number is the mixing output of the mixing pot (kg/45s-60s). The capacities of the models above are respectively 40T/H, 60T/H, 80T/H, 160T/H, 240T/H and 400T/H. By capacity range the 40 ton plant is called a small plant, 40 to 400-ton middle-sized plant, and 400-ton above large-sized plant.

      The price of a stationary asphalt batch mix plant depends on the model and configuration you need. The larger the model, the higher the price. Usually each supplier has its own standard configuration list for regular models. The list contains optional devices which takes extra money. For example, the bag removal system costs much higher than a water removal system, but the air cleaning effect proves to be much better. In addition, a quality asphalt batch plant has advantages in even a minor part. For example, the vibrating screens of Haomei asphalt plants are of top brand in China, yet other suppliers may only offer common screens. The drying drum steel of Haomei plants is HARDOX steel that lasts at least 5 years. The drum has a two-layer sublimation system which helps to save fuel by heating the aggregates more efficiently and thoroughly. The weighing system adopts the secondary weighing system, making the ratio of materials more accurate. The burners are from Italy, low in energy consumption. Therefore, you must be careful before comparing prices of varied suppliers, for a price always matches its configuration.