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Tips in buying China concrete block making machines

Writer:Admin   Time:21/04/26

      If you are a foreigner who need to buy China concrete block making machines, here are some useful tips.

      About Supplier

      Do learn as more as possible about your supplier before making a decision. Choose famous and large-scale suppliers. If you have friends who purchased from China, ask them about the quality and model. Focus on cost efficiency and service life while purchasing.

      Avoid choosing suppliers without local after-sales service. This is crucial for a local center not only provides maintenance service but also serves as a technical guarantee before and after you buy the machine.

      About Model

      There are so many types and models for China concrete block making machines, thus do not wast time to research them. Just straight out what you need. You need first to know what type of blocks you want and how many pieces per hour and per day. Send the brick size and picture to your supplier, especially when you need hollow or irregularly shaped bricks.   If you need to pave the road, you need to consider machines for both straight and curved roads. You also need to know the pavement width of your own construction site. If the pavement you want to pave is narrow, buying a larger block making machine would only waste your money.

      If the bricks are too large for people to handle, it is recommended to use the brick clamp type of machine. For small bricks, you can simply use a sinking brick paver.

      About Price

      Bear in mind that price always matches quality, though there are rare cases when people get poor machines at an extremely high price. As an international supplier we despise those who cheat on clients, but they do exist and we can do nothing about them. To get a reasonable price and avoid being tricked, you need to learn something about configuration of block making machines in advance. If not, ask a professional friend to help you.