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Why is mobile concrete batching plant price higher than stationary plants

Writer:Admin   Time:21/02/23

      As known to all, the mobile concrete batching plant price is usually higher than that of stationary plants of the same capacity, whether you purchase at home or from abroad. In addition to the increasing demand of mobile plants in road construction, the structure and equipment of a mobile plant also contribute to its higher cost.

      The structure of a mobile concrete batching plant is quiet compact. The chassis integrates the mixing station into a whole, which is moved by tires. Except for screw conveyors and cement bins, the entire front end of the mixing plant can be towed and moved. Other control cables such as walking platforms and heightening boards do not need to be disassembled for transportation. A new mobile plant is easy to be shipped, too. The whole plant takes up only three 40 feet containers. There’s no need of civil engineering for a mobile plant, for it’s equipped with a fixed supportive platform. And the floor space is smaller as well. The control system of a mobile batching plant is more intelligent, stable and reliable. It has multiple auxiliary functions such as replenishing scale, buckling scale, continuous production, and intelligent alarm. It can realize automatic mixing operation. You can see the real-time production status of each mixing station module through the screen, and manual interruption of the weighing process is acceptable in operation. In addition, the wear parts of a mobile plant are far less. This benefits from adoption of new anti-wear technology, which partly leads to the rise in plant price.

      An extra vehicle also adds to the price of a mobile plant: trailing machine. At present there are two types of trailing machines: tow type and trailer type. The towed chassis includes a complete front rear axle; the trailer chassis only has the rear axle, and the front end is located on the tractor's saddle bridge. Either type is excluded in a stationary plant.

      The reasons above account for a higher mobile concrete batching plant price in comparison with a stationary one. With rapid development in technology, the price might be reduced in the future.