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Concrete batching plant price

Writer:Admin   Time:21/02/01

      Concrete batching plant price ranges between $20,000 to $2,000,000 per set, depending on the capacity, configuration, accessory brands of the plant and the production cost of the supplier.

      The capacity of concrete batching plants can be 20m3 to 240m3. The smallest plant has the simplest configuration, maybe only a self-falling concrete mixer, a weighing system and several people feeding ingredients to the mixer. A large standard commercial concrete batching plant, on the other hand, might be composed of a whole set of machines, devices and vehicles, including not only concrete mixers, but also belt conveying devices, silos with screw conveyors, batching machines, fully automatic control systems, concrete mixer trucks and even concrete pumps. These parts might be of the best quality to guarantee production efficiency and reduce maintenance cost. As a result, the latter can be thousands of hundreds of dollars more expensive. In addition, mobile plants cost more than stationary plants, for they must be equipped with towing trucks and other necessary accessories.

      If you need plants of top quality and stability, superior components will be applied, which means higher investment in raw material. Some factories import all accessories from Germany and Italian to guarantee the quality of its plants. This will help them to provide plants of reliable property, but the prices will rise correspondingly. A cleverer way is to import key components of high technology, and produce other parts by themselves. Some units, like silo pieces, belt rollers and batching machine hoppers, are of low technological level as long as you select excellent raw material. This alone will help to reduce the production cost substantially. Therefore, not all cheap concrete batching plants are necessarily of poor quality. However, you must bear in mind that the price of a plant always matches its quality, and that it’s impractical to pursue extremely low prices and good quality at the same time.