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Concrete batching plant in china

Writer:Admin   Time:21/01/28

      Here are the models, prices and purchasing tips about concrete batching plant in China. Buy a top quality concrete plant at the most competitive price!

      Models of concrete batching plants in china

      Stationary plants: hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, hzs180

      Configuration for plants between 25m3 and 50m3: a concrete mixer, a batching machine, two screw conveyors, two cement silos of 100T, separate sets of weighing devices for water, cement, additives and fly ash, and a control system (consisting of a simple centralized control device, an automatic control set and a control room).

      Configuration for plants between 60m3 and 180m3: extra devices of a platform with supporting legs, a belt conveyor, a closure set for the mixer, a closure set for the conveyor, two to four sets (two for hzs60 and hzs75, three for hzs90, and four for hzs120) of cement silos and a control room equipped with an automatic system.

      Mobile plants: yhzs25, yhzs35, yhzs50, yhzs60, yhzs75

      Configuration: a main chassis (towed truck traction pin, parking legs), a concrete mixer, cement, water and admixture weighing scales (with inspection walking platform, railings, etc.), a control room (with automatic control system inside), aggregate ingredient metering equipment, a belt conveyor frame, a cement warehouse and a screw conveyor.   Prices for reference   Hzs25 concrete batching plant: FOB $25000

      Hzs35 concrete batching plant: FOB $30000

      Hzs50 concrete batching plant: FOB $48000

      HZS60 concrete batching plant: FOB $70000

      HZS75 concrete batching plant: FOB $65000

      HZS90 concrete batching plant: FOB $85000

      HZS120 concrete batching plant: FOB $12000

      HZS180 concrete batching plant: FOB $16000

      YHZS25 mobile concrete bathing plant: FOB $45000

      YHZS35 mobile concrete bathing plant: FOB $52000

      YHZS50/60 mobile concrete bathing plant: FOB $68000

      YHZS75 mobile concrete bathing plant: FOB $80000

      Purchasing tips

      1. Compare not only prices but also company credit;

      2. A visit to the factory;

      3. If you care about after sales service, choose a supplier with local or overseas service.