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Cost to invest in a small concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/01/15

    Small concrete mixing plant are widely used in rural urban road construction, building houses and various bridges. They are widely used as mixing equipment. Because of their low investment, small area and large profits, they are favored by many rural investors. The current demand for concrete in the rural market The volume continues to increase. Many users consult Great Wall Construction Machinery, how much does it cost to invest in a small concrete mixing plant? What are the configurations?


    Let's first understand the specific models of small concrete mixing plants, mainly HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60. The theoretical productivity is 25m3/h, 35m3/h, 50m3/h, 603/h. The cost of a small concrete mixing plant has a lot to do with its configuration. HZS25 concrete mixing plant is a small mixing plant equipment, mainly including JS500 mixing host, PLD800 multi-bin batching machine, screw conveyor, water metering system, admixture metering system , Cement silo, cement metering system, control system and simple operation room. HZS35 concrete mixing station uses JS750 concrete mixer, PLD1200 batching machine, cement silo, screw, weighing system, electric control System, electrical system, etc.


    Some customers may ask why the price of a small concrete mixing plant is a range rather than a specific value. In fact, it is related to the configuration of the small mixing plant required by different customers. Depending on the configuration, the price of the whole set of equipment will definitely be different, so when you understand the detailed needs of customers, then we can make a specific quotation. If you need advice, you can contact us for detailed price.


    Concrete is used in the construction of various construction projects. With the increase in demand for concrete in the past few years, many small concrete mixing plant manufacturers have appeared. Due to the large number of mixing plant models and configurations, the price is naturally different, even if it is There are also cheap and expensive ones of the same model. What is the price of the mixing plant equipment? It depends on your needs.