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Js500 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/01/05

    Js500 concrete batching plant refer to js500 twin-shaft forced concrete mixer used as a hzs25 concrete mixing plant equipped with pld800 concrete dosing machine. So, what is the output of js500 concrete mixer plant? Which js500 concrete plant manufacturer is good to chooses?


    If js500 mixer and pld1200 dosing machine are used as hzs25 concrete batching plant, the theoretical output per hour is 25 cubic meters. The mixing time of hzs25 concrete batching plant is 72s once, and it can mix 3600/72=50 times in one hour. But in actual operation, the mixer may not cycle again and again, it must wait for the concrete mixer truck to adjust its position, then unload, and then prepare for the next cycle of loading. Js500 concrete batching plant equipment, a single discharge of 0.5 cubic meters. Therefore, the stirring frequency of the 500 blender per hour is about 42 times. In addition, the js500 concrete mixer theoretically discharges 0.5 cubic meters at a time, and the volume of concrete mixed with different concrete ratios is different, so the actual output is about 0.5 cubic meters on average. Then the output per hour is (42*0.5) 20 cubic meters.


    If the js500 concrete batching plant work 8 hours a day, you can produce 20*8=160 cubic meters of concrete; if it work 10 hours a day, you can produce 20*10=200 cubic meters of concrete. If you have special requirements for js500 concrete mixer plants, you can consult the manufacturer for free, and the professional technical managers of large direct sellers can tailor them to you according to your actual situation.